Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow | December 2019

Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow is upon us.

During this time, what can we learn?

Mercury. Image via NASA.

This past Mercury retrograde was a whirlwind. For three weeks, Mercury traveled with Scorpio, a water sign whose expertise lies in servitude — but only to the self, or any other worthy cause. Motives can be hard to decipher with this sign, as they have a knack for putting on a mask. This, paired with Mercury, was quite eventful. When the ego is up for renewal, it will try to bring a lot down with it.

Mercury stationed direct with Scorpio on November 20. Now, Mercury is in its post-retrograde shadow, where it will linger until December 7.

But first, what is a post-shadow?

Before and after each Mercury retrograde, there is a pre- and post- shadow. These periods are approximately two weeks long, and prepare us for the upcoming energy shift. Whether it be a build-up, or build-down, so to speak, these periods are each unique, and provide us with opportunities for self-exploration.

So, a post-shadow is the two weeks following a retrograde. During this time, the cosmic energy is coming into balance, and we, along with Mercury, are returning to our natural orbit.

How can we return? 

Start by taking a step back. Over the course of the past month, what issues have come up in your expression? Expression being how you navigate work, relationships, and overall life. Do you feel like you’re at a loss for words, or stuck in a cycle of repeating yourself? How has this impacted what you think, say, or do? Quite often, when we face difficulty expressing ourselves, we stop completely.

Reflect: What has changed for me?

Mercury is not the grim-reaper of communication. This planet simply brings out the best of the worst in all of us. These are the issues that need to be laid out end to end, and taken for more than their face value. Are you anxious, or avoidant? Are you sad, or withdrawn? Here, complexity isn’t spared, and this should tell you not to spare your words either. Describe these feelings for what they are: experiences. Speak your truth, then let it go.

And if need be, take in the confidence of Scorpio to do so. Scorpio is an introspective sign. They experience the thrill of fulfilling quests for the self, and other worthy opponents. How this sign differs now than during the retrograde is in their articulation of the world. Before we focused on keeping a firm stance, but now, it is time to perfect what is underneath that strong guise. With their help, we can discover the beauty in taking something apart, and putting it back together again.

Take the time to heal.

During this retrograde, Mercury and Scorpio worked to uproot what was no longer growing. Together, they made space for newfound potential and flourishment. Though it may not seem like it, the old behaviors and triggers they tossed our way were offerings. They wanted to see, when faced with these parts of ourselves, what will we do? We can hold on to them, yes, but what will that do for us? It will only be more weight to carry. If we can let these feelings — these experiences — go, we will be free to go to what truly calls us. The familiar is not always what serves us. Sometimes, it is the possibility of the unknown.

The spirit of Scorpio is what brings this period to a close. It is the final push to utilize the gifts of this retrograde. With their introspective nature, Scorpio provide the framework to understand these triggering experiences, and let them go. Now, we can take on the inner work that is called for. We can unblock our expression, and begin to share freely again. We may be.

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