Mercury Retrograde | October 2019

For the next three weeks, Mercury will be conversing with Scorpio. 

Here, we’ll discuss this Mercury retrograde, as well as its impact.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

Mercury will be joining forces with Scorpio this month. With the communicative, methodical approach of Mercury, and the spontaneous influence of Scorpio, this retrograde will be one to remember. They’ll be a tag team, that’s for sure.

The retrograde will begin on October 31, and end on November 20.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Scorpio is a Water sign: deep, and signifiable. Paired with fiery Mercury, it is clear that this is a time of balance, and compensation. Where do you over-invest? Where do you under-invest?

Answer now. 

Life is not about rewards, but it is a sort of transaction, and some of your efforts will go unpaid. You could be giving too little in one area, while spoiling another. Apply this to your social and romantic endeavors. Who do you neglect the most?

It is usually yourself.

Scorpio easily misperceives recklessness as liberation. Confinement is torture for them, and so are set directions. Unless their spontaneity drives them to it, it is not worth doing. While under this influence, know that impulse is not intuition. Although they may feel similar, their outcomes are much different. Learn to identify when it is time to stop letting go of your time and energy. You can only give so much before you are empty.

Say no.

Become an apprentice to the art of saying no. The more you say it, the better you will react to it, and vice versa. Know that it does not have to be harsh, or brutal, to take effect. You are not required to act on every single thing that comes your way, good, or bad. Opportunities will come and go freely, but FOMO always overstays its welcome. Your self-restraint will be easier to enforce once you partake in better outer-restraint.

Ask yourself: If I would not tolerate this from someone else, why should I tolerate it in myself? 

Hypocrisy cowers when personal responsibility grows powerful.

Despite popular belief, Mercury in retrograde doesn’t create drama, it simply entices complexity. Scorpio loves this. From this perspective, their desire for stimuli, and to be a part of it all, can be extended to the self. If you feel like you’re digging for more, don’t cut yourself short. Simply recalibrate your efforts, and direct your energy to where it is needed.

It is needed in you.

Tough decisions are just that, tough. But they are the best to make. Your mind will naturally resist the unknown, as it is deemed dangerous, but you must work through it. It has adapted to believe that it is safe to remain where you are, whether it is a nurturing place or not. Know that adaptation is not always a good thing. Keep fighting through the discomfort; you wouldn’t know true comfort without it.

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