Your Horoscope for The New and Full Moon | October 2019

Here, we’ll discuss this month’s New and Full Moon, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of October 2019:

  • New Moon in Libra, September 28
  • Full Moon in Aries, October 13

New Moon

This month’s New Moon will occur in the astrological sign Libra, on September 28, at approximately 2:26 PM (EST). If you find yourself reminding others of their worth, you better be reminding yourself too.

This sign can be quite the trip if you’re unsure of what you want. However, with dedication to a cause, you may truly blossom under their rule. Libra is a teacher, who is constantly in search of their next prodigee. They prize skill, potential, and drive. And they sniff it out like a hound. When it comes to uplifting others, they are by far the best. With balance and grace, their compliments never weigh too heavily on the ego. They want to see success, so they may feel a part of it. Where they struggle, though, is maintaining this themselves. A reminder to refrain from self-scrutiny, and to practice what they preach, is frequently needed.

That being said, challenge yourself to be your own motivation. Muse. Inspiration. Don’t wait around for your cause, create it. There are enough lounging artists in the world. Being a busybody won’t give you a purpose, but neither will standing like an empty vessel, waiting to be filled. Hone in on yourself, and learn when it is time to move. We have a need to be still, yes, but our bodies also adapt to stillness. Are you resting, or rusting?

Know the difference. 

Where there is indifference, there will always be trouble. Even throughout your most dire hours, remain inside yourself. That is your home, and there is no where better for you. Keep the scale balanced, even if it takes time, and tampering. You do not need to seek homage in others, or invest in them, to feel accomplished. By keeping yourself moving, you are bringing yourself alive. The rumor that statues are people cast in marble are true. We can all be beautiful, but it takes a special type to be lively. Start now.

Practice makes perfect. 

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Aries, on October 13, at approximately 5:07 PM (EST). Now is not the time for stalling. You have a journey ahead of you, and it is time to select your path.

Biting your tongue won’t keep the peace. This sentiment has been tirelessly proven wrong. Like Aries, the period surrounding the Full Moon will be fearsome in nature. Prepare for an uproar, but don’t follow the pack. The most outspoken are those who wait for silence.

Remaining unnoticed is not oblivion. In fact, it is a superpower. You may use these wallflower tendencies as a camouflage, and show your true colors to Wow! others. Remember, the air may seem still, but it is what blows others out of the water.

Be patient.

You can run from your potential, but you can’t hide from your regret. When trying to negate the future, being yourself is a confounding factor. Don’t stunt what you know will happen. Instead, control how it happens. Superpowers, weapons, gifts, they are all the same. You know you may strike, but you must choose your moment. This is not a decision you want made for you.

What will you do?

Recap: New Moon in Libra, September 28, and Full Moon in Aries, October 13.

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