Your Guide to Mabon | 2019

Welcome to Mabon, the celebration of equilibrium.

Mabon is the second of three harvest celebrations. The first being Lughnasadh, and the last being Samhain. This one is particularly focused on gratitude, and rightfully so. Fall may be a stressful period for some, as work and school have returned full-throttle. When following the patterns of nature, though, this is a period of release and comfort. The importance of bringing both the natural and physical world into balance is the primary lesson of this time.

Mabon occurs only once every year, and typically lasts nine days.

This year’s Mabon season will begin on September 21, and end on September 29.

Here is our 2019 Mabon Lunar Calendar:

September 21 — Waning Gibbous in Gemini

September 22 — Third Quarter in Cancer

September 23 — Waning Crescent in Cancer (Autumn Equinox)

September 24 — Waning Crescent in Leo

September 25 — Waning Crescent in Leo

September 26 — Waning Crescent in Virgo

September 27 — Waning Crescent in Virgo

September 28 — New Moon in Libra

September 29 — Waxing Crescent in Libra

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

Despite its long duration, each day of this holiday, and its lunar counterpart, serves a vital purpose. Here, we can see the steady decline from our Full Moon in Pisces, leading up to our peak with the New Moon in Libra. The day following, we enter the Waxing period, which prepares us for the next Full Moon. The energy these phases provide is quite productive, as it provides us with the push we need to purge what no longer fulfills our deepest needs. Now is the time to say No with confidence. Your gratefulness for all your given opportunities rests on your will to set boundaries.

Although the Autumn Equinox takes place during our Mabon season, these two events are just as individual as they are intertwined. Read on the Autumn Equinox here.

Now, for our Mabon practices.

Mabon represents the concepts of surrender, and release. The Earth is changing, and so are we. What once was flourishing may not be anymore, and that is okay. We cannot expect ourselves to blossom in all the same aspects, all the time. It is time to believe in our future, no matter what, or where, it is. Having hope is what often makes us deceitful. Being faithful will most likely lead to betrayal. But our belief in our self, when allowed to be, can be the most comfort we’ve ever received.

You can be your own muse, motivation, and best-friend. What you search for in others is what you want in yourself. Say what you want to hear, and do what you want to do. If you see yourself as only a vessel, you have the potential to become a safe space. Be welcoming to one, then all.

Do not try to count your blessings on one hand. It would take a thousand words to describe just one.

We all pertain our own unique rhythm. Some feel it as a vibration. Others, as a wave. One thing is for certain, though: a battle against it is a losing battle. As I stated before, this time of year is when it becomes most difficult to allow ourselves to follow the wave of nature. Do not allow external influences to make you lose sight of what is right for you. Stepping away is never a defeat, if it means uniting with yourself again.

This one is on you. And so if every one after it.

There is no recipe for success. Like all honorable matriarchs, the Earth has its own secrets, and spirit. We are constantly throwing ourselves together, hoping to turn out okay. Put all the best energy you have into everything you do. You are your own prize possession, so be sure not to become an item on a shelf. Working hands say more than those that are idle.

Tell the world a story.

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