Post-Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: What Have We Learned?

How are you feeling after our partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn?

This eclipse occurred on July 16, along with our Full Moon in Capricorn.  In its wake, we were provoked to analyze our patterns of behavior.  Self-care and passion were addressed, but self-destruction and agitation were not scrimped on, either.

Now, the eclipse may have passed.  But its pre-influence (or pre-shadow) has prepared us for this, and its post-influence has been brewing for over six months.  Right now, we are in the midst of its aftermath.

And there is still so much to do.

From here, we must reflect.

The energy of the Full Moon and eclipse are closely intertwined.  However, they are distinctly unique, and independent of one another.  The Full Moon encouraged us to view the world from the wisest perspective.  It told us that if we leave behind the concept of epiphany and grandeur, we can see that the answers to our problems are all readily available.  To put it bluntly, though, it illustrated that it takes a keen eye to admit to what is obvious.

Quite similarly, the eclipse uncovered behavioral patterns that may cause us to skirt the truth.  When we refrain from our intuition, we are attempting to negate reality.  And these efforts, however tired and true, will fail.

Indulging in behaviors that are the result of your triggers almost always results in discourse, and destruction.  Between acknowledging and fueling, and instigating and experiencing, there is a very fine line.  Seek to find it.  Find your barren line, no matter how worn down it may be.  Hold it firmly in your palm, and speak to it kindly.  The longer you walk beside it, the stronger it will become.

Setting boundaries with yourself is self-care. 

It is so easy to love fruitlessly.  But if so, it will never be for yourself.  Pouring gold into a hole in the ground is a waste.  Pouring it into a mold, however, will give you a prize.  It is up to you to see, and make, the difference.  Dissatisfaction is not a given to life.  Poor decisions are, though.  How you handle yourself in the aftermath of your faults is just as important as how you celebrate yourself.  In fact, they should be just the same.

Take the initiative to be self-serving, in the sense that you serve yourself, first.  It is never appealing to be the one to take the final bite.  Take what you need, then pass it around.  Order has never mattered when we are all committing the same act, at the same time.  It was just a mirage of success.

When you find a situation to be particularly emotionally taxing, step back.  Bear down.  Look around.  What efforts have you made to get where you are now?  How much time and energy have you invested in creating your inner-sanctuary?  It is never worth forfeiting your hard-earned to grasp at straws.  Under certain circumstances, the only closure you will receive is what you allow yourself to have.  Expect nothing, and you will be without nothing.

Set boundaries, and you will already be everything.

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