Your 2019 Guide to Lugnasadh

Lugnasadh is a celebration of gain, loss, and reward.

You reap what you sow.

After the thorough actualization process that occurred during the Summer Solstice, we are now entering a period of realization, and facing our creations.

Lugnasadh, pronounced LOO-NA-SA, is a figurative, and literal, celebration of the harvest.  Right now, all of our labors are coming full circle.  We are reaping the rewards, and consequences, of our actions.

Lugnasadh occurs only once every year, and lasts one day.

This year’s Lugnasadh will occur on August 1.

Here Is Our 2019 Lugnasadh Lunar Calendar:

August 1 — Waxing Crescent in Leo

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

The Waxing Crescent phase represents potential, and opportunity.  As we face our gain, or loss, we are left with a sense of completeness.  We realize that we have done all that we can, for now.  However, this is not a state to linger in.  Motivation is a prize of its own.  Recognize it, and move on.  Rewards will be spent, and remorse will come and go.  It is time to rebuild.  Get moving.

Now, for our Lugnasadh practices.

This Lugnasadh season is meant to be existential.  As with nature, everything comes to an end.  This is indisputable.  However, if you watch carefully, you will find that there is always a precursor, and a new successor waiting behind the scenes.  Know that the act of becoming uprooted is not one of being dethroned.  You could very well be the one waiting behind the curtain, smiling to yourself.  You can be your own downfall.

Watch out for yourself, literally.

Everything is an invitation, if you read between the lines.  And this same ideology may be applied to eagerness, and anxiety.  The brain wants to stay on-guard, and fear is much more pleasant company when faced with the unknown.  But you must admit, you are excited to move on.  And the butterflies in your stomach are, too.  Anxiety and eagerness are star-crossed lovers.  Give them some time alone.

Energies can not be ignored.

Hypothesis is mandatory.  However, hypotheticals are not.  A clear plan is strong, but a set plan will only bring about problems.  Do not be weary of being a pest.  The questions can be wrong, too.  There is always someone in the forest, who hears the tree fall.  The sound it makes is a running joke between the others, who wonder why they ever bothered looking for an answer at all.

Do not falter to your ego.  Ask questions, and become ecstatic at the thought of unsettlement.  Being happy to the point of delirium is an experience we all deserve.  If your thoughts aren’t opening new doors, then close it on them.  Existentialism isn’t wondering why the sky hasn’t shallowed us whole.  It’s the critical examination of how it become so powerful in the first place, and seeing that potential in yourself.  There are no limits, except the ones you make.

Release them.

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