Your Horoscope for the New and Full Moon: August 2019

Here, we’ll discuss this month’s New and Full Moon, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of August 2019:

  • New Moon in Leo, July 31
  • Full Moon in Aquarius, August 15

New Moon

This month’s New Moon will occur in the astrological sign Leo, on July 31, at approximately 11:11 PM (EST).  This is a time of analyzation, and then action.  Get ready for some mishaps.

This New Moon in Leo could not be any more like a mirror.  We will long to seek grandeur and feeling.  But no remorse, and certainly no second guessing.  It will be hard to hold back your tongue (and self) from what triggers this.  You will be reflecting onto the world.  We must be conscious, though, that what we see may not be what is.

What is blinding you?

We crave a strong rapport with those who make us curious.  It’s a good feeling, after all.  But as we hunt for deeper meaning, we must be courteous.  What are you longing to take from others?  Is it security, love, or a sense of being heard?  You may be tearing it from yourself.  An inkling can very easily become a projection.  Never extinguish your concern, but always tread lightly with worry.

In every dark, tangled feeling, there is an embodiment of pureness.  And it’s not what you think!  A feeling only becomes a state of being when not acknowledged, and a state of being only becomes one to be ashamed of when not processed.  There is always a path you may follow, back to the root cause.  But, it relies on your perception.  Knots may be stubborn, but they give you something to hold onto, even when everything else slips right through.  And the remedy to the dark is so simple.  Give it light.  Give it light, but do not make light of it.

Let it be heavy.  Let it be dark.

Be proud to feel it go.

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Aquarius, on August 15, at approximately 8:29 AM (EST).  This is a time of feeling, but not for the reason you think.  It is best to stay aware.

Under this Full Moon, Aquarius will be prodding us to ask all the right questions.  When they’re most appropriate to be addressed, though, is up for discussion.  It may be hard to decipher when the time is right, as if it ever is.  However, it pays to be knowledgeable.  Everyone has a clock.  Some, faster than others.  But, if you have an offering, you can sway their hands.

However, a disassociated approach to feeling is never sustainable, even if it will be gratifying in the short-term.  It is far too easy to pry when you have nothing to reciprocate.  Watching someone pour their heart out is easy.  Waiting for them to fill it back up, though, isn’t.  Be mindful of these consequences while you indulge.  Looking back, who will you see yourself as?

It cannot be ignored.

There will always be the retrospective, so why not live as if you are already in it?  When a situation calls for it, being patient is much more important than being forward.  The truth is a slow walker.  And it doesn’t matter how swift you are, when what you desire is long behind you.  It’s a good moment to wonder, though, Is this what I want?

Remember to be cautious with yourself.  It may be the right question, at a very wrong time.

Recap: New Moon in Leo, July 31, and Full Moon in Aquarius, August 15.

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