Your Pelvis, and Period Pain

Alleviate pain, with your pelvis.

Here, we’ll learn how to alleviate our menstrual pain — by using our hips!

The Reasoning Behind It

The anatomy surrounding your uterus plays a vital role in your experience with it.  The hips, physically and literally, hold our weight.  Within the metaphysical world, the uterus is surrounded by three chakras.  These chakras being the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.  These chakras embody our sexual energy, comfort, and empowerment.  With this reference, we can see that there is an undeniable energy path, and source, within the pelvic and uterine region.

When blockages form in this path, either literally (sore or tight muscles), or mentally (trauma based, etc), this can result in amplified menstrual difficulties.  Here, we will learn how to move beyond these blockages.

Let’s begin!

Your hips are the foundation of your body.  They carry the weight of your upper body, while also taking a bunt of the impact from you lower extremities.  When walking, running, or moving, the direct point of impact will be your feet and ankles, but your indirect point of impact will be your upper legs, and hips.

Side view of the anatomy of the pelvis, via Teach Me Anatomy.

As seen in this diagram, the ilium, pubis, and ischium all conjoin where the top of the leg bone, or femoral head (not pictured) meets, and are held together by a layer of triradiate cartilage.  That being said, it is obvious that any trauma (minor or major) that occurs to the leg bone/muscle, or surrounding regions of the body, will greatly impact our pelvic region.

Your hips are incredibly strong.  And similar to muscle, they must be stretched and cared for. 

Simple anatomy of the pelvis, via Teach Me Anatomy.

During your period, you may experience lower back pain.  This can be traced back to the sacral part of your pelvis.  This pain may radiate to your two pelvic wings, or hip bones, as shown in this diagram.  This sensation in the upper hips is usually felt at the top, which you can feel externally.  This area of your pelvic wings is referred to as the iliac crest.

By being conscious of this anatomy, you can target and alleviate your pain with simple, melodic movements.

Intentional Movements

By simply gyrating your hips, or resting in a low, open squat (similar to the malasana yoga pose), you may relieve some of your discomfort.  Below is a list of mindful yoga/stretching positions that isolate and nurture the hips, and sacral region.  I have ordered them as a flow, so you may easily follow each pose, and gracefully move into the next.  Links to instructionals are provided.

Your Pelvic Flow

  1. Savasana, or Corpse Pose
  2. “Happy Baby” Pose
  3. Malasana, or Garland Pose
  4. Low Lunge (do both sides!)
  5. Standard Virasana
  6. Camel Pose
  7. Reclining Virasana
  8. Child Pose
  9. Upward-Facing Dog
  10. Sphinx Pose
  11. Cobra Pose


If you don’t resonate with this structure, simply reference these positions in a way that feels right to you.  Whether it be dance, breath, or simple meditation.  Open up to the self.  There are so many ways to activate and release the energy that the pelvis holds.  Drop in, and discover it.

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