Mercury Retrograde | July 2019

The second Mercury retrograde of 2019 has just begun.  How will it affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss this Mercury retrograde, as well as its impact.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

After its insightful pre-shadow in Cancer, this Mercury retrograde has a lot to live up to.

The retrograde began on July 7, and will end on August 2.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

This retrograde will occur in Leo, an undoubtedly strong and assertive fire-sign. Leo is dedicated in all aspects; they share a fortified bond with the self, their treasured others, and their worldly desires. What they envision is what they love wholeheartedly. But, will their routines squander it?

Mercury is a communicative planet.  When in balance, we may express ourselves freely, maintain and flourish in our requited relationships, and see through the highs and lows of our exchanges.  But when not in balance, we argue, fight, hold grudges, and resist.  We cannot reach our highest potential in the social and outer realm.  As much as it is lovely to live inside yourself, too much time in a shell will cause you to harden, to a stone.

Have you been living under a rock?

Leo flatters this, while also defying it.  They have a tendency to become a martyr, or a lone wolf, while still clinging to their expectations of what life on the outside should be.  You cannot confine yourself to a hole in the ground while you wish to see how the world is made.  If it is not others that are failing you, than who?  There is no shame in looking in the mirror, with a clear question in mind.

Disappointment is subjective.  Hard work is felt, and rarely seen.  Digging yourself out of your cave won’t be easy, but it’s a do worth doing.  There is so much to witness, and it’s happening right now.  Don’t focus on being wise, or above it all.  It’s okay to be dumbfounded by beauty.  It’s okay to feel like a child.  It’s okay to look at a butterfly, and be in awe.  Love can be rekindled without gasoline.  Don’t bring out the extinguisher just for the sake of being grown.

You’re only stunting yourself.

Where we look is what we see, so make sure you are searching in the right spot, with the right person.  Our exchanges with others are under microscope right now; don’t think that blind spots don’t exist, and remember to pan out, before you hone in.  What are you missing here?  Listening is a form of speaking.

During this time, there will be a lot to adjust to.  After the bountiful period of creation during the Summer Solstice, we have a lot to maintain.  The effort does not stop with the curation of your dreams.  Remind yourself that you are working towards something, not for it.  There will be plenty of distractions and bumps in the road.  You’re not failing, unless you tell yourself you are.

This retrograde is calling us to come out of our shells.  To throw away our routine.  To surrender to the process.  In the end, it is all about communication.  How are you speaking to the world?  With the universe?  Think back to how we hide behind a facade of being grown, of being above it all.  Everything is a gesture, from the smallest ladybug crawling on your thumb, to the Summer storm of the century.  You know it sparks wonder within you.

Feel it, and show it.

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