Your Horoscope for the New and Full Moon: July 2019

Eclipse, and retrograde season.  What could go wrong?

Here, we’ll discuss this month’s New and Full Moon, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of July 2019:

  • Total Solar Eclipse, July 2
  • New Moon in Cancer, July 2
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse, July 16
  • Full Moon in Capricorn, July 16

Solar Eclipse

This month offers us something special.  A total solar eclipse in Cancer, nonetheless.  The eclipse will begin at approximately 4:55 PM (EST), and peak around 7:22 PM.  It will end at about 9:50 PM.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the moon travels through the light shown by the sun, and is illuminated by it.  Since this is a total eclipse, almost none of the sun will be visible.  This will cast a great shadow over the regions where it is viewed.

Solar eclipses carry an immense weight, both physically, and mentally.  You may have noticed a startling shift in the outer world’s energy, or your own.  Unregulated empathetic tendencies may be running high, and causing apathy to spread within you.  There is a shadow coming, and in its wake, your shadow will be displayed, too.  This emotional exhaustion will quickly morph to physical, if left unchecked or ignored.  In the days leading up to this eclipse, take some time away from the world.  Hibernating for a day may feel like too much, but this sleepwalking for weeks can last your whole life.

There is the shadow, and then there is the light.

For all their labor, solar eclipses offer us a special opportunity for release.  These outlets are unlike any we’ve ever seen.  What an eclipse initiates is an ultimitative change, one that we must lurch for.  If you feel like you’re muddling, you are.  It’s scary being thrown in to a new beginning, but it’s lonelier lingering at the end.  Your past won’t let you back in, but it sure can contain you.

This is a transformation.  You may not feel it now, but looking back, you will.  Packing your bags and being excited isn’t an option here.  This is a change you must witness, and then welcome.  It is not a gentle one, nor swift, but it could be the best you’ve ever had.

Welcome it, though it’s easier said than done.  The rest will follow.

New Moon

This month’s New Moon will occur in the astrological sign Cancer, on July 2, at approximately 3:16 PM (EST).  Now is the time to digest, feel, and fight.

Cancer is lucrative in the sense that their emotions are both malleable, and transformative.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and a way to heal through it.  Cancer teaches us that everything is an art form, and we can create a meaningful purpose for the most unwanted, and unwarranted feelings.

However, their ability to morph their emotions begs the question — are they actually just hiding them?  Or worse, holding on to them for “later use”?

This New Moon has been of influence over the past two weeks.  How have you noticed your responses to life change?  Have you found what once intrigued you is no longer of importance?  Are you falling out with past goals?  At your core, what drove you to resonate with these things to begin with?  All of life, including our motives and desire to grow, stems from our energy.

Reflect.  Have you been running on fumes?

It is more than okay to outgrow what confuses and confines you.  Sometimes, one incomplete goal will lead you to dozens of new opportunities.  Knowing when to flee is a key to success, but knowing when to fight is important too.

Are you letting go, or giving up?  They are not the same.

Lunar Eclipse

This month has another surprise, too.  A partial Lunar Eclipse will be paired with our Full Moon in Capricorn!  The eclipse will begin at approximately 2:43 PM (EST), and peak around 5:30 PM.  It will end at about 8:17 PM.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the moon passes directly between the Earth and its shadow.  The light that these planets project will combine to create the Moon’s red appearance.  As this is a partial lunar eclipse, only some of this color may be visible.

This lunar eclipse will bring on many questions, ponderings, and thoughts. What are we withholding?  What do we wish we could proudly display, but instead, hide?  What outdated beliefs are we clinging to?  These aren’t just things to wonder, this is what we must answer to.

Extravagance isn’t something to skrimp on.  Work hard to make this a freeing moment, if not for yourself, than for the memory.  The energy eclipses carry isn’t meant to be held on to, as their principle is release.  However, reflection plays a role here.  Think, think, think.  When do you feel the most at peace?  Multiply that by as long as you want it to last.  You truly can make your own reality, but you must make space for it first.  Attachment will do you no favors when they lack your loving commitment.  There is a reason for control.

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Capricorn, on July 16, at approximately 5:38 PM (EST).  Now is the time to ground, invest, and release.

Capricorn, like a tree, is firmly planted and comfortable in their surroundings.  Though they may be weathered, they utilize their experience to build, and uplift.  They have a strong connection with themself, and their environment.  In their presence, how could one not be?  Similar to an all-seeing eye, what hasn’t been said is what they thought of.

In all their reach, Capricorn’s finest moments are when they are in control.  Their roots may spread to share their knowledge, love, and hope.  However, with their timeliness, weeds will sprout, too.  We may struggle to distinguish what needs yanking, or a gentle tug.  How can we trust that we won’t want, or need it later?  How can we know, for sure, that it won’t sprout into a beautiful blossom?

Trust the smallest crumb of truth, and swallow it whole.  If you’re scared to go without, what do you hold too much of?  If you’re wondering what will happen without it, what are you taking for granted?  Their replacement won’t be new and shiny.  They have always been there, waiting.  Watching.  Waking, for you.

Recap: Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer, July 2, and Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn, July 16.

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