A Guided Tarot Practice for Clarity + Closure

In this practice, we will dissect and analyze our current situation(s), and work to create an open environment; one that is free to display the truth, and welcome it into our reality.

Who this practice is for:

  • Those looking to create an honest dialogue with the self, and instill clarity within the mind
  • Those who seek insight on a particular issue, situation, or feeling
  • Anyone interested!


This practice was designed to create an honest dialogue with the self, and to instill clarity within the mind. For any issue, situation, or feeling you may encounter, this practice may guide you through it, and allow you to view it from a higher standpoint.

This practice may be done at any time. However, I recommend doing it on or around the Waning Crescent phase or a New Moon. The energy these phases provide is highly encouraging, and stimulates the urge to move forward and learn more.

I hope this practice brings peace of mind to you, and provides you with the insight you need to succeed. Enjoy!

Before we begin, start by asking yourself:

Am I comfortable performing this practice? Do I feel I have positive, reinforcing energy to offer?

As well as…

What do I expect to learn from this?


Can I let go of my expectations?

Be mindful with your practices, and your output. Continue with this practice based solely on your answers.

Getting started

When performing a tarot reading, always have a clear question, or statement, in mind.

Examples of “clear” questions are:

What is this meant to teach me?

Why did this happen?

Can I change this?

With tarot, intention is everything. And so is honesty.

If you’re honest with what you want, your cards will be honest with what you need

Throughout this practice, focus on seeking an honest answer, one you may use as a reference point in the greater search for your truth.

Prepare your space however you like; this practice requires no materials other than a writing instrument, a piece of paper, and your tarot deck. However, if you’d like to put some crystals around your working area, or light a candle, do so. Make yourself comfortable.

Your guided practice

For the sake of this practice, focus on being as judgment-free as possible. Honor your self, and what it carries for you. This is the hidden weight your mind harbors, usually brought upon by trauma, prolonged stress, or heartbreak. Although hidden, this weight will negatively affect you if not lifted. Honor the unconditional bond you have with yourself, and choose to remain open.

Ask yourself:

What are my assumptions regarding this situation?

Is this conclusion confining me? Is it keeping me from moving on?

What has this situation made me believe? 

Are these beliefs keeping me from the truth?

How have I changed?

What instinctual learnings have I inherited? Am I more guarded than I was before?  

Shuffle your cards, keeping these questions in mind. Say them aloud, or repeat them mentally. When you’re ready, lay all your cards out in front of you.

Select seven cards intuitively; do not allow your mind to take this over. Allow your eyes to decide, let your arm reach out, and then, pull the card(s) with your hand. These should be the only parts of yourself involved.

The first card represents the self.

The second, the actuality of the situation.

The third, what you believe the situation to be.

The fourth, how it affects you, or how it has “changed” you.

The fifth, your unconscious, instinctual reaction(s) to this situation.

The sixth, the meaning of this situation.

The seventh, your outcome.

See these cards. Read them.

Write down the meaning of each card on your paper. Reflect upon them. Feel the energy they release.

Ask yourself:

Is this true?

Can I admit that this is true?

Do I feel that this truly reflects my situation, and how I interact with it?

Document your answers on the same sheet of paper. You may need to look back on them throughout this practice.

Reflective Exercise

I have included three reflective exercises for this practice. Do these as you so please; they are all open for interpretation, and made to be tapered for individual use. If you feel like you are at a loss when answering to these prompts, look back on what you wrote throughout this practice.

Exercise One: The Truth

From this practice, what have you learned? How does the truth you harbor now differ from the truth you felt before? There is no wrong answer. Simply welcome this new knowledge, and the rest will follow.

Exercise Two: The Being

After viewing this situation from a higher standpoint, how do you see yourself? Are you shifting blame, or are you relinquishing it? Are you still holding on to your retalitive behaviors, or are you loosening your trauma?  What once helped you survive may lead you to squander. Do not be afraid to be without armor.

Exercise Three: The After

In what direction will these findings lead you? Will they cause you to shoot higher, lower, or about the same? Don’t let defeat taper you, but do not remain blind, either. Everything happens for a reason, and you now have a grasp of reason. Make it a handful, and put it to use.

If you feel called to, write down your answers to these reflective prompts as well. Keep your writing on this spread together, and make a space for it somewhere safe, such as on your desk, altar, etc. Keep it as a reminder, and look back on it as needed.

This practice is now complete.

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