Mercury’s Pre-Retrograde Shadow | June 2019

The second Mercury retrograde of 2019 is rapidly approaching. How will its pre-shadow affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow, as well as its impact.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

As with Mercury’s most recent post-shadow, the pre-shadow will have quite a bit of influence too.

What is a pre-shadow?

A pre-shadow is exactly the same as a post-shadow, except it occurs in the first two weeks before a retrograde, as compared to after it. So, the two weeks before this Mercury retrograde will become increasingly influenced by this planet, as the energy and relevancy of it will become stronger.

The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on June 20, and end on July 7.

This pre-shadow will occur in Cancer, an emotionally affluent water-sign. Cancer is definitely touchy-feely. When it comes to output, they prefer to have the utmost say in how they are perceived. They want to be seen, but only from certain points of view. When uncovered, they may either retract into their shell, or come out ready to fight. For commutative Mercury, they are a worthy opponent.

Their quick-wit, empathy, and fight-or-flight tendency creates a relationship with Mercury that few signs can match. The energy these two may brew, leading up to the retrograde in fiesty Leo, is truly malleable in the sense that it may be applied anywhere, as long as you’re willing to make it work.

This will either be pain, or strength. Figure out which, fast.

This sign is deeply intuitive, and may struggle to distinguish how they can (or should) express their inner-world in the outer realm. Mercury, planet of the physical code — communication, technology, feelings and coordination —  is quite the match for this sign as it, too, understands the need for the puzzle, as well as the want to solve it. Together, they will lead us to wonder: How can I make the greatest impact?

Redemption is a core concept here. And Cancer, a water-sign associated with the color white, is an undeniable symbol of purity. Where have you felt that you have failed? From introspection, have you found that you really, truly did fail? Know that the qualifications for failure are slim. Anyone can need a second chance, and get one — but few have no options left. From here, where may you go? You know there are paths left untouched.

Your redemption stems from you.

During this time, how you view yourself is a form of currency.  It is how you will bargain and experience life. Your riches need not be physical, just felt. Invest in yourself, and protect this endeavor in any way needed.  Monitor your intake and the impact of faceless socialization (e.g., social media). Without your masks, your hiding places, your “layers,” who are you?  The danger isn’t what others think, it’s if you believe it.

Break down the walls surrounding you.  They’ve never been keeping anything out, but they are holding the unwanted in.  You’ll find that in the process, you may free others, too.

The greatest impact in your life may be caused by you. 

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