Your Horoscope for the New and Full Moon: June 2019

Here, we’ll discuss this month’s New and Full Moon, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of June 2019:

  • New Moon in Gemini, June 3
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17

New Moon

This month’s New Moon will occur in the astrological sign Gemini, on June 3, at approximately 6:01 AM (EST). Now is a time of wonder, encouragement, and love.

As an air-sign, Gemini is abound with great ideas, and ways to get them done. They shine bright when they get their way, and have the miraculous ability to rebound when they do not. Their pride and flirtatious ego does them this favor; the saying “flirting with death” taking a new meaning, as they love to go against the grain in every way. They are a mischievous sign, one that loves to plant seeds, of all sorts. Be mindful of your intake of information, and who you look up to. Agendas are prevalent here. Like dominos, when they fall, they will want to bring all after them down, too.

Gemini, swooner of demise, is not all dark. Who could say this sign isn’t fun loving, loud, and precocious? Gemini is the inner naughty child in all of us. They are such external party-goers, party-starters, light-up-the-room types. But they are sensitive, empathetic, energy absorbers to the max.  Under this New Moon, feelings flow freely, but rampant. We want to take on the world, but we feel so stuck. We want to tend to every thought that meets our brain, nurture it until it blossoms, but we are run so thin by unfinished projects, deadlines, and work schedules. We want control, and all the ruins of it. What we really need, though, is to let go, in every little way we can.

The slightest acts of rebellion against your patterns of behavior will be an earthquake, rattling your anxiety, amd setting you free.

You must think, But I’m so far behind! How can I “rebel”? How can I feel free?  

Start by doing what you don’t want to do. Then, do three things you do. Get up immediately after your alarm goes off. Read the library book that is very, very overdue instead of looking at your phone while you eat breakfast. Take a cold shower. Leave for work half an hour early, and buy a $5 coffee. Mix and match your routine, mess up what you’re used to. You may think that you’ll run late if you read, or go for a run, or simply lay in bed and breathe. You may think to stay on track, you have to hate what you’re doing, muddle through. But the truth is, loving your life — even the tiny bits of it — won’t make you ignorant, or naive. It will simply make you happy, and you really don’t need me to tell you what to do to achieve that.

You already know. 

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Sagittarius, on June 17, at approximately 4:30 AM (EST). Now is a time of insight, discovery, and reflection.

Sagittarius! Such an abundantly assertive and eccentric fire-sign. As with Gemini, they absorb their surroundings like sponges. Always, always itching for more. This sign, particularly, clings to knowledge and stability. Even the illusion of it. Analyze what you know, and ponder what you don’t. If you’re coming up blank as to why you do, or don’t, know something, take it as a sign. Dive in to the world of learning. Search for the unbiased. There are always others, seeking to know with pure intent.

Find them.

Social implications will become quite clear. Once you begin the process of learning, or, more specifically, unlearning, you will feel a need to interject. You will aim to share. Use this as an opportunity to respect silence, and respect your energy. Some don’t really mean what they say, they just want a reaction. Treat words and speech as they are, expression. Protect your expression, and allow your silence to speak for you. It, above all, is the most impactful reaction. They can unlearn, too.

You are not a recluse; you are revived.

Under this Full Moon, Sagittarius is calling us to step into our power, and be the leader that is needed. Instead of correcting, informing, or explaining, simply lead by example. Be kind. Be empathetic. Be caring. Act before action is needed. Listen, not to respond, but to know and understand. Just as we dove in, we must now tune in.

Look around. What can you do to make this place more peaceful?

Recap: New Moon in Gemini, June 3, and Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17.

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