Your 2019 Guide to The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice goes by many names.

Litha, Midsummer.

The same theme reside within all. The love of the sun, the love of the soil, and the love of all that is fertile.

Our Earth has many holidays of her own. Depending on the time of year or nature of the event, the holiday will differ between being a solstice, or an equinox. Every year, we have two dueling solstices (one in June, and one in December), as well as two opposing equinoxes (March, September).

As stated before, this is our Summer Solstice. This Solstice occurs only once every year, and lasts for one day.

This year’s Summer Solstice will occur on June 21.

Here is Our 2019 Summer Solstice Lunar Calendar:

June 21 — Waning Gibbous in Aquarius

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

The Waning Gibbous is an exhilarating phase that closely follows the Full Moon. During this phase, we may be feeling especially inspired, and ready to take on big projects. Keeping your aspirations grounded is the key to navigating this phase in peace. In other words, nurture your hopes, but don’t become hellbent on one outcome, or sense of achievement. Keep your joy about you, and move from one thing to another, gracefully and with attentiveness. You’ll find that these efforts will feel much more satisfactory.

Now, for our Solstice practices.

This year’s Summer Solstice calls us to return to our core, complete with its wants, needs, and desires. How often do you find yourself itching to run, yell, or simply lie down on the floor? Though these urges may seem immature or just downright strange, their simple indentations may lead you to a bigger finding. Note when these thoughts come to you. Is it when you’re at peace, or feel safe? When you are happy and content? Or do they creep in when you’re upset, feel restrained, or otherwise discontent or unsafe?

Some may relate this to the idea of having an “inner-child.” An inner-child, more or less, is the personification of all that you carry from your childhood. Depending on your experience, how these feelings express themselves, or influence you, may vary.

Returning to your core is an act of complete self-guidance. Do what feels right for you. Tuning in, stepping away, hiding, even, can all be ways to return. You may find that your acts of homage feel the best when performed outside, with nature.

The simple things will be the best things. And what comes without force, and just simple intuition, will feel the most deserved. During this Summer Solstice, take the time to trust yourself. Keep a gentle, watchful eye on the parts of you that need to be watched, in order to be nurtured. Don’t turn away from what causes distress, or discomfort. Instead, treat it as if it were an old friend. You’ll find that at one point or another, it was your best.

Allow yourself to remember. 

These memories should not be a source of shame.

As with recognizing the inner-child you harbor, you must honor the earlier versions of yourself. You are an undoubtedly fertile being, spurring from creation. Honor yourself as a process of nature. How you proceed through life is an act of pure artistry. Look back upon yourself, even in your weakest, most embarrassing, and regretful forms, as resilient. Nevermind how you looked, how you acted, what you thought: you are here now. You may be proud of the being you’ve become, but you must be gracious, too. Trees wear rings of bark and past skins. We, too, shed and morph a physical weight of the old. In the end, it grants us wisdom.

Whether you accept them or not, the stubborn stumps will still remain.

Wear your rings as a crown.

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