Your Horoscope for the New and Full Moon: May 2019

Here, we’ll discuss this month’s New and Full Moon, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of May 2019:

  • New Moon in Taurus, May 4
  • Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18

New Moon

This month’s New Moon will occur in the astrological sign Taurus, on May 4, at approximately 6:45 PM (EST). Now is the time to seek, to understand, and to experience.

Taurus is an Earth-sign, one who adores their Earthly pleasures, and others alike. They are a sensual, grounded, and informative, and harbor the extensive capability to be it all, and do it all, too. Though they struggle to sometimes ease their expectations for themself, they have the willingness to earn everything that comes their way. Or, at least feel like they earned it.

With our current Uranus in Taurus, the hardworking-to-a-fault nature of Taurus is highlighted. Uranus, planet of change, perception, and growth, has been traveling with Taurus since March, and will be influencing Taurus in all their solo-work, too.

This New Moon, as with all of Taurus season, brings all our output (and input) to a head. All of our energy, whether lost or found, will be reflected upon. Look to all of the laborious areas of your life. How hard have you been pushing yourself to get what you want? Do you feel that it has been worth it? Is your success lingering nearby, coming soon, or is it not in sight?

It’s okay to admit that you’ve been spinning your wheels.

The grandeur and love Taurus emits to the world is meant for your taking, too. Stop. Think. Breathe. Understand that not everything is a race to the finish line. Where you are now is where you may rest, for as long as you need. You know that you will always be ready, so take some time to enjoy the scenery.

It all stems from you.

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Scorpio, on May 18, at approximately 5:11 PM (EST). Now is a time of resilience, acceptance, and courage.

Scorpio is water-sign, one who harbors intense waves of polarity, and duality. They work endlessly to embrace the many aspects of their personality, while also maintaining the personas they have created for others. While it may seem as if they have a difficultly with friends and family, what they truly wrestle with is their need to have control of their own lives. But most importantly, how they perceive themself. The water is rarely calm for Scorpio, and they struggle to find a reflection that is clear. Under this Full Moon, you may be called to ask yourself, Who am I hiding from the world?

Know that some masks are better left unworn.

If it seems like every situation has become an all-or-nothing war, know that you are on a quest for balance, and self-acceptance. Find a way to return to the self, whether it be through art, physical movement, or work. Sit with the feeling of being no one, even if for a little while.

You can let yourself go.

Recap: New Moon in Taurus, May 4, and Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18.

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