Pluto Retrograde: April 2019

Pluto, planet of death, rebirth, and desire, will soon begin its retrograde. How will this affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss Pluto in retrograde, as well as its impact.

Pluto. Image via NASA.

During this retrograde, Pluto will be paired with intelligent, Earth-based Capricorn. Pluto and Capricorn have been traveling together since the January of 2008, and will remain together throughout the entirety of this retrograde.

The retrograde will begin on April 24, and end on October 3.

As Pluto represents death, rebirth, and desire, the topic of vulnerability is definitely one to look into. Before rebirth, a “death,” or un-attachment must occur. Our concept of abandonment, and how deeply we invest ourselves in others, is of great importance. This Pluto retrograde is calling us to look deep into ourselves, yes, even in the uncomfortable parts. You don’t have to have the answers now — but now is the time to start asking these questions.

Right now, our idea of home, safety, and being “grounded” is under stress. What we hold close, and believe to be our normal, is ready to be shaken up and thrown around. The firm footing we are struggling to maintain needs to be loosened. If the Earth is crumbling beneath you, chances are, once you take a few steps back, you’ll find much more stable ground. It’s easier said than done, but you really just need to move on.

You never have to abandon what you love, as long as it loves you back.

Abandonment is a reoccurring theme in this Pluto retrograde. Whether it be platonic, romantic, or family-based, the idea of being alone is something we have been conditioned to push way. Solitude is far too often misinterpreted as a perpetual loneliness, rather than a gratifying experience. Most of us work much too hard to maintain unrequited relationships. How could some time alone benefit you?

Ask yourself:

How do I act when I fear I am losing someone?

This experience, as terrifying as it may be, is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the self.

Capricorn, Pluto’s current companion, will be of great influence during this self-actualization process.

Capricorn is a hardworking and aspirational Earth-sign. They strive for acceptance and achievement, and propose an impeccably cool exterior to help mask their controlling attributes. Their fixed Earth traits provide them with the ability to find stability in any situation. But their sense of stability is sometimes hindered by their steep standards, and when not met, they break, instead of bend. One of the greatest lessons Capricorn may teach us is that we can not always expect our environment to change for us. Adaptation is strength.

The collaboration of Pluto and Capricorn is definitely one that pulls at our heart strings. It’s a tough transition to work through, but one that offers us monumental gain. The deep introspection that takes place during this time, whether initiated by ourselves or others, is a blessing in disguise. As uncomfortable as it may be, this is a calling. Answer honestly.

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