Jupiter Retrograde: April 2019

Jupiter, planet of growth, prosperity, and goodwill, will soon begin its retrograde. How will this affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss Jupiter in retrograde, as well as its impact.

Jupiter. Image via NASA.

The goodwill planet, Jupiter, will soon begin its first retrograde of the year. Jupiter first paired with Sagittarius in the November of 2018, and will remain in this sign throughout the entirety of its retrograde.

The retrograde will begin on April 10, and end on August 11.

This four month journey will be of great influence in our work, and home lives.

Representing personal development, good fortune, and positivity, Jupiter has a lot to offer. It is a blissful planet, but one that encourages us to give, before we get. Gratitude is an important value to this planet. In retrograde, this planet pushes us to work extra hard to earn what we want. It teaches us that with success, comes investment. But this raises the question, How far is too far along to give up, if I no longer want this?

During Jupiter retrograde, we must be sure to stay clearheaded in our efforts, and honest with what we expect from them.

Inner-dialogue is crucial. Listen to your intuition.

Sagittarius, Jupiter’s current chosen companion, will be teaching us quite a few things too.

Sagittarius is a knowledgeable, self-assured fire-sign; one who seeks an answer (and creates a question) every step of the way. Their inquisitive nature creates an external allure of wisdom, but on the inside, it crowds their mind, and can keep them from the big picture, or truth. During retrograde, lack of clarity will always cause disruption. Staying focused and free of harsh influences is the key to combatting this. Keep learning, keep asking, and keep seeking answers, but be conscious of from where, and from who.

The mind is a garden, and weeds can be planted just as easily as they are grown.

This collaboration of Jupiter and Sagittarius is an epic mental workout. During this transit, Jupiter will be setting the stage for all our newfound work and endeavors. This planet is calling in unknown obstacles and situations, and leaving the rest up to us. Sagittarius urge us to question and learn from these experiences, but, we must manage our reactions ourselves. Every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to analyze our reactions, coping mechanisms, and self-indulgence alike. Do we divert too quickly to anger, or sadness? When we fail, do we become self-sabotaging? Do we treat ourselves a little too much when we win? Our reactions shape our future — and our present life. Learn to address your personal patterns. You, above all others, are the one with the most influence over your current situation. Take the reins.

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