The Magic of Mars in Gemini

Mars, planet of action, will soon transit into Gemini. How will this affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss the magic of Mars in Gemini, as well as its impact.

Mars. Image via NASA.

After residing in earthy Taurus for over a month, Mars, planet of action, energy, and desire, will soon transit into Gemini, a curious air-sign. How will freedom-seeking, vibrant Gemini interact with such a powerful planet?

Mars will enter Gemini on March 31, and remain there until May 15.

Mars is a energy planet; one that represents the most primal of thoughts and needs. With this planet, what we desire is clear. There are no veils here, everything is presented in full clarity. And in our own world, it is a calm revelation to realize Yes, that is what I need. But the act of bringing it into our outer-world is uncomfortable. This planet brings us back to a simplicity that is irreverent, and heightens our intuition to a level that is incomprehensible. This planet harbors superpowers, and they are hard to share with others.

Mars is a planet riddled with logic, but one so old, that it is hardly understood.

Mars’ coming alignment with Gemini will help to balance these strong energies. Gemini is an air-sign, and a social one at that. They’re charming, easily cool, and of high influence. Their natural duality, and willingness to change at the drop of a hat gives them an edge: they are never too attached. If their intuition tells them to go, they go.

The deep, inner knowledge and confidence of Gemini, paired with their social savvy personality, is the perfect company for wise and primal Mars. Their co-alignment highlights and harnesses all the best they have to offer, but, it also brings to light their trifles.

Mars, as stated before, is a power planet. It’s influence is hard to deny; it rules over our wants, desires, and needs. This comes with greed, grandeur, and overwhelming dominance. Gemini is an air-sign, so, in other words, flighty. These impressions only scratch the surface of this complex duo, but what we know is: If not handled well, things will be messy.

Analyze what you want in full detail. Understand that desire is just another word for want, they are the same (again, grandeur). What you need should come naturally, with little thought, but much love and gratitude. Never take the lifelines you have for granted. While these cosmic entities sit side by side, do not act out of impulse, only sheer intuition. Mars calls us to learn the difference. What is simply an itch, and what is a new voice, breaking through? Sit alone in a quiet room, and you will know.

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