Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow: March 2019

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 has come to a close. How will Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow affect us?

Mercury. Image via NASA.

The first Mercury retrograde of this year took place in the illusive water-sign Pisces. With Pisces, we were called to analyze the deep, inner-workings of our relationships. Throughout these last three weeks, we have been dabbling in the experimental nature of this sign, and learning from it. The inquisitive energy of this sign will also be influencing us during the post-retrograde shadow, which is taking place now.

Here, we will discuss the impact of this retrograde, as well as Pisces’ role in the post-retrograde shadow.

But first, what is a post-retrograde shadow?

Before and after each Mercury retrograde, there is a pre- and post- shadow. These periods are approximately two weeks long, and prepare us for the upcoming energy-shift. Whether it be a build-up, or build-down, so to speak, these periods are each unique, and provide us with opportunities for self-exploration.

So, a post-shadow is simply the two weeks following a retrograde. During this time, the cosmic energy is coming into balance, and we, along with Mercury, are returning to our natural orbit.

Mercury is going direct, and so are we. 

On March 28, Mercury stations direct, and enters its post-shadow. Mercury will remain in its post-shadow until April 16.

For the next two weeks, the lessons of this retrograde are waiting to be absorbed, and reflected upon.

If this retrograde has been particularly productive for you — you may be feeling some discontent, or confused energy, as you have just met your goals. You are asking yourself, What is next? Where do I go from here?

Pisces is extravagant, and ever-changing. In creation, this sign seeks solace. But when this fluidity comes to a halt, we begin to struggle. Make mindful connections, and changes to match. If you find yourself in a stagnant place, pouring energy into something that is not reciprocating, redirect your energy. Fuel your fire, never extinguish it. Know that it is not a waste to move on; it is only a waste to stay in a state that is not flourishing with you.

Your time is yours.

If your retrograde experience was emotionally exhausting, physically draining, or initiated an unwelcome change, know that this period of distress served a higher purpose. From the wreckage, we may build, and build higher.

Pisces is an emotionally driven, and stimulated sign. With it, our empathetic strengths are heightened, and empowered. But learning to master its waves can be tough. Remaining in the energy of others for too long is harmful; you must be able to return, wholeheartedly, to yourself. Separate from what influences you, whether it be friends, family, or social media, until you have grounded, and found your way home. Reclaim your empathy, by extending it to yourself.

Your energy is yours.

All around, this post-shadow has the potential to be exactly what you need.

Utilize this reflective time as a tool for replenishment. Surrender to your creative dreams, and succumb to their flurry. Cater to your inner artist, and spark inspiration and love in every act. Be grand, and be detailed. Be everything.

Your life is yours.

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