Your 2019 Guide to Ostara

As our Earth slowly begins to rewarm and ripen, new beginnings are abound. Ostara, the Spring equinox, welcomes this change with open arms.

Our Earth has many holidays of her own. Depending on the time of year or nature of the event, the holiday will differ between being a solstice, or an equinox. Every year, we have two dueling solstices (one in June, and one in December), as well as two opposing equinoxes (March, September).

As stated before, Ostara is the Spring equinox. Ostara occurs only once every year, and is usually spread out to span an approximate three days.

This year’s Ostara season will begin on March 19, and end on March 21.

Here Is Our 2019 Ostara Lunar Calendar:

March 19 – Waxing Gibbous in Virgo

March 20 – Full Moon in Libra

March 21 – Waning Gibbous in Libra

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

Note the Full Moon nestled between the two gibbous phases. Envision this lunar transition as a rollercoaster ride. The Waxing Gibbous is the incline, the Full Moon is the pause in-between, and the Waning Gibbous is the ride down. This Ostara season is a trifecta of energy; utilize it as such. The number three, typically associated with the fortified triangle, is one of the strongest numeral forces. With it, prosperity and protection are abound.

Now, for our Ostara practices.

This Ostara season is calling us to move forward. In the past, we’ve been wishful, and given our dreams agency and names. We’ve deemed them “goals.” But now, we must pursue them. Plant your seeds, and tend to them. Your initiative to care is not to fulfill your expectations, but to nurture your own potential. Follow the flow of growth, and allow it to guide to your next destination. You will find new paths where you least expect them.

The rise, pause, and fall of this three-day period is perfect for initiating personal advocacy, and responsibly. Make change, move on. Navigate this transitional, blossoming time the best way you can, with intuition and grace.

Recap: move forward, plant your seeds, care without reward, and go with the flow.

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