The Magic of Uranus in Taurus

Shortly after completing its retrograde, Uranus will be making another grand transition. How will this affect us?

Here, we’ll discuss Uranus in Taurus, as well as its impact.

Uranus. Image via NASA.

Uranus, the ruling planet of change, potential, and perception, will soon be settling into Taurus, and will remain there for 6 years.

Uranus first transitioned into Aries in 2011, and for the past 8 years, this fire-sign has been keep us moving, working, and growing.

With Aries, we were busy. Time and time again, this energy urged us to go, go, go. If you ever wonder how you got to be where you are now, this is why. Aries is a giver, and drive and passion are its gift of choice. Be grateful.

Aries and Taurus are side-by-side on our astrological wheel. When moving through the signs, a bold but balanced transition can be found between them. Their energies are familiar with each other, and compliment one another greatly. Both signs are movers; they want things done. And both signs are meticulous; they want things done their way. This, in collaboration with Uranus, brews a perfect environment for those looking to find their voice, and use it.

Uranus will transition into Taurus on March 6, 2019, and will remain there until April 25, 2026.

Represented by the ram, Taurus is a headstrong Earth-based sign. With pride and certainty, Taurus will succeed at anything they may pour their passion into. Although they may seem hasty, they always have a plan set it stone. One of their greatest strengths is their trust within themself.

This, in collaboration with Uranus, builds a broad stepping stone for those looking to either continue on, or complete, their current path. The progress made during this time is devoted to the big picture. Be focused and detail-oriented, and make the glamour of your success exquisite.

The energy of this transition is expansive, and quite malleable. Practicality is one of the core concepts of this new placement. Here, we are called to look within, and use the resources readily available to us to flourish.

You are capable.

Now is the time to use your dreams as motivation. Be creative and intuitive with how you get things done. Make every step you physically take forward, two steps forward for you mentally. This means, love the process. Love what you do. Like Taurus, instill certainty within yourself; you are progressing farther than you know.

However, you must not be deceived. One of the prime learnings of any astrology regarding Uranus is that you need to be self-directed, and motivated. In times of darkness, you can not be discouraged; you must have the determination to find your light, and move forward. The path you are on now will not narrow or grow longer with time. Remember, you will miss the feeling of the climb once you reach the top. Relish in the sensation of creating a better future.

For the next 7 years, this energy will be guiding you. Be honest and direct in regards to your plans, goals, and desires. Prepare yourself for any blockages you may encounter, and push through. Harness the down-to-Earth knowledge this transition harbors, and use it as power to succeed without question. Everything you’re working for is already yours.

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