Mercury Retrograde: March 2019

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 is rapidly approaching. Are you ready?

Mercury. Image via NASA.

The last Mercury retrograde of 2018 was definitely something to note. The retrograde took place in both Sagittarius, and Scorpio. With the dramatic knowledge of Sagittarius, and the explosive dedication of Scorpio, many issues were brought to light, and many were called to answer.

How will this retrograde differ?

For staters, this retrograde will be in Pisces, an expressive water sign ruled by compassion, intuition, and emotion.

The retrograde will begin on March 5, and end on March 28.

With Pisces, we are called to be empathetic. But our desire to heal, and to serve, may become problematic. Like a sponge, we absorb. Love, trauma, fear; we carry it all. And slowly, it becomes ours.

During this time, it’s important to know the difference between what is ours, and what we have acquired from others.

Remember to heal, and to serve, the self.

Pisces is also quite the muse. With it, we are inspired to be extravagant with our emotional output, and expression. Preserving our energy is crucial; be sure to put aside some time to spend in solitude, and recharge.

Like all water signs, Pisces chooses to wade in and out of their afflictions. Because of this, you must be knowledgeable of how you react to certain situations, and work-ahead to prevent outbursts. Don’t run yourself through the ringer; make sure you are “feeling” for your best interest. In other words, don’t become a moody pile of goo.

The purpose of feeling is to address our emotions, learn from the situation, and to move on and heal.

To build off of the emotional extravagance of Pisces, this retrograde may have us searching for some recognition, and reparation. Here, we wish to be heard. We expect our needs, desires, and complaints to be addressed, and fulfilled. We want results delivered to us neatly packaged, and in a timely manner. In fact, we demand it. However, you must be courteous. Be thoughtful with your expectations, and your demands. Understand the limit of what yourself and others are capable of. Remember, it’s harder to win back the favor than it is to feel cheated by it.

An aura of dissatisfaction may hang low during the final days of this retrograde, but in time, the meaning of it will become quite clear.

Mercury, planet of communication, calls us to direct our attention to the less easily-navigated parts of our relationships. With Pisces, we see, we feel, and we experience all they have to offer. And through this experience, we may test our ties and contemplate their worth. However harsh, this trial-and-error period is necessary. From it, we may learn. The last Mercury retrograde was for the self. There, we worked to dissect and understand the many layers of our personas. We explored the blind caverns hidden within us, and through them, we discovered lost parts of ourselves. But here, we are called to extend that curious and adventurous energy to the outside world. We want to know, what is in the dark? Now, we can find out.

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