The Magic of Chiron in Aries

Chiron, one of the four major asteroids in astrology, has just made a transit for the first time in 8 years. How will this affect us?

Chiron is the bearer of our emotional wounds. It is a seed of wise, coveted knowledge we all inherit, one that we must experience the teachings of before realizing. Through introspection, we may harness the power of this cosmic entity, and begin to understand deeper healing.

This asteroid influences how we choose to heal. It is the force within all of us that seeks to help others, before we help ourselves. Although Chiron is a kind, thoughtful influencer, it may take time some time to differentiate its naive and the foolish doings, from the wise and the progressive ones. When we work for others, but in detriment to ourself, our actions are sourced from the low-vibrational aspects of Chiron. From this source, comes other low-vibrational aspects, such as projection, pity, and poor coping mechanisms. Chiron, in its own, special way, demonstrates the importance of setting boundaries for ourselves. But most importantly, it reminds us to uphold them.

Chiron first transitioned into Pisces in 2011, and for the past 8 years, our emotional health and empowerment has been ruled by this illusive water-sign. As eccentric and expressive as water-signs are known to be, they’re infamous bearers of unresolved trauma. When working with Chiron in Pisces, the rewards do not come quickly.

As strenuous as it was, this trial-and-error period was necessary. Pisces encouraged us to pursue a level of emotional experimentalism that is crucial to have as a reference-point when setting boundaries. Without prior knowledge, understanding and upholding your limits may seem causeless.

The reign of Pisces was a learning experience for all. In terms of vibration, this period harnessed many of the low-vibrational aspects of Chiron. But with Aries, we may build off of this, and build higher.

From everything situation, we grow.

On February 18, 2019, Chiron transitioned into Aries.

Aries is a wise, and wildly driven fire-sign. They thrive when free from the influence and direction of others. Words may not come as easily to this sign as they do to Pisces, but Aries has a way of unquestionably executing their plans. With less words, comes less doubt, and less What if?s.

The collaborative effort of Chiron and Aries is the epitome of high-vibrational. This sign brings dedication, respect, and empathy to the self. Here, we provide ourselves with the time, space, and recuperation we need. And through this generosity, we may extend the prosperity of our rejuvenation with the outer world.

When we heal ourselves, we may heal others.

Due to its spontaneous transition pattern, Chiron will be resting in Aries until 2026. For the next 7 years, this promising energy will be guiding you. Now, you must learn to become a kind provider to yourself. Allow yourself to have, or address, all that you need, and accept that you may wholeheartedly pursue what you desire. It’s up to you to establish your limits. Why not leave space for growth?

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