Your 2019 Guide to Imbolc

Imbolc is the celebration of the transition between dark and light; from Winter, to Spring.

What most may view as a bland, fruitless time, is actually a point of production, of getting the gears grinding again, and of loosening up and thinking.

And this period of rejuvenation has a name: Imbolc.

Imbolc is the halfway point between the Winter solstice and the Spring equinox. Here, we’re celebrating change, and making way for the new.

Typically, Imbolc spans two days, at the beginning of February.

This year’s Imbolc season will begin on February 1, and end on February 2.

Here Is Our 2019 Imbolc Lunar Calendar:

February 1 – Waning Crescent in Capricorn

February 2 – Waning Crescent in Capricorn

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

Although it may seem short, this Imbolc season harbors the energy of the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, as well as that of the past Full Moon in Leo.

The Waning Crescent phase calls us to refine and reflect. And with Capricorn, it gives us that extra bit of knowledge (and honesty) we need to find our truth. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you? Now is the time to release it.

Now, for our Imbolc practices.

This Imbolc season offers us the opportunity to see our truth. Reflect on your past or current situation(s). Examine them, and work to understand them. Discover the patterns of behavior that confine you, and change them.

Now is the time to have grounds. Establish your goals, regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem. What you recognize is what you manifest, so be truthful, and be specific.

To go more into Imbolc’s lunar aspects, the Waning Crescent in Capricorn will definitely bring some added will for change. This season is all about refinement, acknowledgement, and work. This means, breaking down the barriers (ones either built by yourself or others) that are holding you back.

Ask yourself:

What am I holding on to?


Why haven’t I let it go?

Although answering these questions won’t relinquish you from their burdens, acknowledging this subconscious truth will make way for more conscious decision making. Conscious decision making that will lead you to the more caring, productive path.

Recap: reflect on your past/current situation(s), find your grounds, establish your goals, and break down your barriers.

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