Crystals for Our Lunar Cycle

Every month, our moon cycles through 8 phases. Each phase offers us a different opportunity for growth, as well as energy that can be harnessed. Working with crystals can enhance these celestial practices, and the outcomes of them.

Here, we’ll learn of the best crystals to use during each lunar phase, and how to incorporate them into your practices/rituals.

Crystals and Your Lunar Practices

Crystals can be incorporated in to your lunar practices any of five ways:

  • To aid in intention setting
  • To aid in manifestation practice
  • As a tool to cleanse you, your energy, and your space
  • To help you harness the energy of that phase
  • To bring positive energy into the new part of the cycle

In order, the phases are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent.

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

Now, for the crystals!

New Moon

During a New Moon, we’re searching for ways to better ourselves and our process. We’re looking to start fresh.

For this, we may use Obsidian, a stone that has the potential to eradicate negative energies and refresh our own, and Lapis Lazuli, the perfect crystal for initiating mindfulness.

Waxing Crescent

When the Waxing Crescent comes around, it’s time to get moving. Here, we’re beginning our endeavors. We’re forging new paths, and working for our goals.

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal to use during this time. With Carnelian, we can initiate what we must do, and have the motivation and determination to do so.

First Quarter

The First Quarter is what you make of it. To truly reap the rewards of this time, you must be open, honest, and willing to bend. Ask yourself, what am I really striving for?

To aid in this period of reflection, we may use Sunstone. Sunstone, quite literally, brings light to the darkest, most confusing parts of all situations. With its creative, problem-solving aura, we can clearly see the abundance available to us.

Waxing Gibbous

The Waxing Gibbous is a time of trust. From here on, you must follow your flow. Allow yourself to feel the tug and pull of intuition, and surrender to it.

For this, we may use Tree Agate, an earthy stone with truthful, grounding properties. With its calm, all-seeing energy, we can be prepared for what is next to come, and thrive.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is an energetic, optimistic time. This is a high-energy period with much to offer to us. Here, we have an endless supply of willpower, determination, and emotional force to drive us.

Use of Moonstone and Amethyst is great during this phase. Amethyst may help in balancing any overwhelming emotions you’re feeling, while Moonstone aids in harnessing all the positive energy this time has to offer.

Waning Gibbous

The Waning Gibbous is a prosperous, generous time. Here, we can clearly see what we’ve earned, or, what has conveniently occurred for us.

During this phase, Aventurine is a wonderful stone to use. Aventurine is known to bring (and preserve) prosperity and bounty. To go along with this, we may use Rose Quartz, a stone of love, and gratitude.

Third Quarter

As with the First Quarter, the Third Quarter is what you make of it. Use this time as an opportunity to be as open with yourself as possible. What do you wish do release? What do you wish to leave behind? Allow yourself to answer freely.

As a tool to welcome change, we may use Clear Quartz, a stone that brings clarity and peace of mind to the user. With this stone, we can know that our desires come from good intent, and use it as power to move forward.

Waning Crescent

When the Waning Crescent comes around, a need for reformation comes with it. Here, we are called to free ourselves from what has hindered us, and preserve our energy.

During this phase, we may use Bloodstone to help us make honest, balanced decisions. With its head-strong, powerful energy, we can feel confident with the change we initiate, and progress.

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