A Look at Our 2018-2019 Uranus Retrograde

The first retrograde of 2019 is coming to a close. 

As we reach this retrograde’s final days, we have much to reflect on. Here, we’ll discuss the Uranus retrograde, as well as its impact.

Uranus. Image via NASA.

After a six month journey, Uranus has finally reached Aries, and will remain there from January 8, onward. The retrograde began on August 7, 2018, in Taurus, a reserved, Earth-based sign. This dramatic transition has sparked change not only within ourselves, but within our world too.

The Uranus retrograde began in August, a time of returning, and of moving on. This retrograde, which instilled fear of our uncertain futures, pushed us all the way through to the new year. Talk about tough love.

Uranus rules all that is unknown. This planet finds solace in impulse and unpredictable behavior, but never without cause.

You see, this retrograde, as they all do, serves a higher purpose. In order to plant new seeds in the spring, you must be willing to mull over your previous garden, and break ground. Now is not the time for attachment; now is a time of preparedness.

This retrograde wanted to ruffle our feathers, and ruffle our feathers it did. It wants to get us out of our comfort zone. It wants us to spend time with ourselves. It wants us away from distractions, away from scape-goats, and away from those who keep us held in stagnant spaces. This retrograde wants dramatic change. Not necessarily instant results, but proof of progress.

Ask yourself:

From then to now, how have I changed?

What have I started? What have I finished?

How has my relationship with others, and myself, changed?

As this retrograde comes to a close, take the time to assess, and reassess, your attachments and accomplishments. Look to these questions in times of uncertainty, and use your answers as a tool to squash doubt. Whether you recognize it or not, you have grown. And you will continue to grow, regardless of the planets, time, or space. Your being is never hindered; you will never be in lack.

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