Your Horoscope for the New and Full Moon: January 2019

It’s the start of a brand new year, and this first month has a lot to offer.

Here, we’ll discuss the major lunar and astrological events of this month, as well as their impact.

New and Full Moons of January 2019:

  • Partial Solar Eclipse, January 5
  • New Moon in Capricorn, January 5
  • Total Lunar Eclipse, January 20-21
  • Full Moon in Leo, January 21

Solar Eclipse

The partial Solar Eclipse will begin at 6:34 PM (EST) on January 5. The eclipse will peak around 8:41 PM, and is estimated to end by 10:46 PM. The entire process of the eclipse itself will span approximately four hours.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the moon travels through the light shown by the sun, and is illuminated by it. Since this is a partial eclipse, a portion of the sun will still be visible. Now is the time to focus on the light, and follow it through.

This solar eclipse will occur in the same astrological sign as our New Moon (Capricorn). This will highlight all the aspects of our New Moon, as well as those of Capricorn. Now is the time to dive deep. To begin your long-awaited endeavors. Capricorn is a determined, Earth-based sign. During this period, anything is possible, as long as you put in the work.

New Moon

The first New Moon of 2019 will be in the sign Capricorn, and will occur on January 5, at approximately 8:29 PM (EST). Now is the time to assess, to learn, and to work.

With Capricorn, this New Moon is given a heightened perspective, as well as some extra optimism. The beginning of this month will be perfect for manifesting your intentions, and setting new goals.

During this time, how you direct your attention matters. Take the time to analyze your actions, and work with grace. Do not be afraid of failing. Instead, change your idea of failure.

Ask yourself:

What is this teaching me?


What can I do differently?

Harness the power of Capricorn’s heightened perspective, and search for a new way.

Lunar Eclipse

This Lunar Eclipse will begin at approximately 9:36 PM (EST), on January 20. The duration of the eclipse will last one hour, and two minutes. However, the entire process of the eclipse itself will be over five hours long. It’s projected to end around 2:48 AM, on January 21.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the moon travels through the shadows of our Earth. This gives it a darkened appearance. Think of this event as a time to reflect. To examine the parts of yourself that light rarely reaches. They deserve just as must care as the rest.

This eclipse will occur in the sign Leo. Leo is a dedicated, fire-based sign. During this time, allow your love, and your loyalty, to shine inward. Care for those deep, dark parts of yourself. Listen to them; they know more than you believe.

Full Moon

The first Full Moon of 2019 will be in the sign Leo, and will occur on January 21, at approximately 12:17 AM (EST). This is a time of questioning, of awareness, and of trust.

During this time, you must learn the difference between pure impulse and intuition. Now is the time to understand your how’s and why’s deeply. Make no decision hastily. Clarity will come to you; don’t allow it to bring regret too.

Ask yourself:

Why do I want this?


Does this serve me? If so, how?

Be bold, and answer honestly. Remember, no one has to know, or understand, but you. This is your choice, and your truth.  Honor your sense of self.

Recap: Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn, January 5, Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 20-21, and Full Moon in Leo, January 21.

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