Your 2018 Guide to Yule

Yule is the celebration of our Earth transcending into her deepest, darkest season, Winter.

Our Earth has many holidays of her own. Depending on the time of year or nature of the event, the holiday will differ between being a solstice, or an equinox. Every year, we have two dueling solstices (one in June, and one in December), as well as two opposing equinoxes (March, September).

As stated before, Yule is our Winter solstice. Yule occurs only once every year, and is usually spread out to span an approximate week and a half.

This year’s Yule season will begin on December 21, and end on January 1.

Because of the duration of this holiday, every single day counts. Yule is heavily intertwined with nature, so the dueling forces of our moon and her phases will play a strong role. Being conscious of the lunar aspects of this time will greatly benefit you.

Here Is Our 2018 Yule Lunar Calendar:

December 21 – Waxing Gibbous in Gemini

December 22 – Full Moon in Cancer

December 23, 24 – Waning Gibbous in Cancer

December 25, 26 – Waning Gibbous in Leo

December 27, 28 – Waning Gibbous in Virgo

December 29 – Third Quarter in Libra

December 30 – Waning Crescent in Libra

December 31, January 1 – Waning Crescent in Scorpio

Further information on our lunar cycle can be found here.

Note the Full Moon in Cancer. This Yule season will harbor the power of that, as well as the approaching energy of the New Moon in Capricorn (January 5). The power of our moon is definitely one to pay attention to during this time.

Now, for our Yule practices. 

This season is calling us to be open. Here, we are given the opportunity to not only learn from, but with others.

To do so, you must realize and recognize the multiple layers that others have. It is so easy to float through life knowing and understanding most of your own complexity, while also being completely unaware of that of others. Use your observances for good. Now is the time to notice.

And even in the midst of changing seasons, do not allow yourself to fall behind. Keep to your path, and stay grounded. You are the only one capable of guiding yourself; work to stay on good terms with your self restraint and motivation. You have all the means to succeed. Do so.

Recap: allow yourself to be open, realize/recognize complexity, utilize your observations, and stay grounded.

Happy Holidays!

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