Knowing Your Moon: Your Birth Moon Horoscope

Knowing Your Moon plays an intricate role in deciphering how the lunar cycles affect you, and your zodiacs.

Here, we’ll discover our birth moon, and read our lunar horoscope.

But first, what is Your Moon?

Your Moon is the phase the moon was in on the night you were born.

In order, the phases are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent.

Discover your birth moon here.

Now, for the horoscopes!

New Moon

You are focused on growth, and have an insatiable desire to know. You are cool, concise, and straight to the point. You may make “dramatic” changes to yourself with little explanation. Some may call you impulsive, or erratic. But you understand your needs. You are naturally an ever-changing being.

Remember to take time for reflection. Your desire to develop, to speed into the new you, may leave you confused on where you are needed. Do your best to save your “impulsive” reflexes for when you truly need them, and for the rest of the time, use your cool.

To go more into your love of learning, you may, at times, become a bit too hellbent on your truth.

If you learn to see through the eyes of others early on, your point of view will expand. And, in turn, you will inherit more wisdom. Don’t allow your determination to acquire information became a need to be right. It will stunt you.

Waxing Crescent

You have an undiscovered magic hidden within you.

You have the potential to do amazing things. But you may be accustom to the quiet, and not want to leave your unbothered seat. Your desire to venture alone is strong, but sometimes, you must allow others in, even if you don’t want to.

Don’t misconstrue: there is tremendous strength in thriving alone. Going through life without the need for outward validation is an amazing skill. However, being afraid to step out of the shadows will hinder your growth. You will always be a loner, but in order to harness all that is yourself, you must step out of your mind and verbalize. Simply speaking to trusted individuals about your goals will grant you a new level of understanding.

First Quarter

You know the breeze right before a huge rainstorm? That wind is yours.

Change follows you in gusts. You’re stronger than you care to believe, and the impact you make on others is tremendous. Your influence is powerful. Make sure you’re using it for a common good.

You may fumble, feel awkward, or not know how to adjust. Unwarranted attention follows you far too frequently. Luckily, you always have a place to go to get away, and have a special way of knowing when the tides have died down.

You have the ability to do without. You could live with nothing, and still be everything to yourself. You love sacrifice. One thing gone, another weight off your shoulders. You are a self-reliant ecosystem. Never lose sight of that.

Waxing Gibbous

You have the potential to become a very knowledgeable empath. Most suppress this gift, as it is difficult to control how we react to the feelings of others. But suppression will only cause you grief. You must allow yourself to feel. Let go of your fears; you have amazing abilities!

You are a hard worker, and cannot be sold a cheap vision of happiness. You strive to honestly earn everything that comes your way. This may drive you to overwork yourself for others. And you know it has held you back. Cut yourself some slack, and allow the good to come not only from you, but to you.

Learning when to say yes, and when to say no, will greatly benefit you. You need boundaries in your life, but it is up to you to establish them.

Full Moon

You are a painter, a flower, and a door.

You love bringing surprise with you everywhere you go. You have a desire to shed light, while also becoming a bigger, better one yourself. Your life is a garden, also reaching outwards, towards what you want to be. However, you must learn how to stop, reflect, and breathe.

You are sensitive. Your emotions may vary from intense to…not really there. You must find balance. Your love of being and loving all around you is wonderful, but you may become stifled by yourself. Your need to be one thing, but also not truly knowing yourself, will hinder you.

Remember, you have a lot of surface to cover; don’t burn yourself out. Let the light shine inward when need be.

Waning Gibbous

You are hopeful, inquisitive, and love to express your ideas. You want to inspire change, either from the inside or the outside. You aren’t one to grasp for glory. Simply knowing you made a difference is enough.

Although you may lose sight of it at times, you know your worth. With your love of expressing comes your knowledge of leaving things unsaid. You know when to be silent and observe, and it serves you well.

Remember not to love blindly. With your hopeful nature comes heartbreak, of all sorts. Expect nothing, and you will love endlessly.

Third Quarter

You’re head-strong and determined, but may tend to be weak in the knees. You’re easily fierce, and as much as it wards off the weak, you may be warding off new parts of yourself. Overtime, you may become overly-attached to your ideals. An aversion to change can easily weave itself inside of you. You like your ways, and as much as your ways work, you must be open to the new.

To go along with your over-attachment, you may struggle to decipher who’s opinions matter and who’s don’t. Due to your early-on maturity and steely nature, taking in what others say about you will be hard. However, you will learn as you go. You have the ability to multitask, and to keep moving, even if you aren’t sure of where you’re going.

You can, and you will, continue to grow into an even more complex creature. These newly added pieces will not weigh you down. They will only add to your brilliance.

Waning Crescent

Your sensitivity allows you to have a broad perspective, and may lead you to help others. Your observances allow you to make key connections, keeping you ahead of the game. And your self-awareness gives you an edge: you can always see yourself, even in the dark.

Now, your sensitivity can overpower you. Your observances can leave you ridden with fear, or make you too quick to judge. Your self-awareness has already stifled you, and you know this.

You are a human time capsule, with a strong connection to (or inability to let go of) the past. You may struggle with negative thoughts and bad dreams. You will find that negative energies become easily attracted to you.

But you must always, always remember this: you are a visionary, and what may be channeled through you is not of you. You’re the one who makes the decision of whether you will hold on to it or not. Be wise.

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