Mercury Retrograde | November 2018

Ah, Mercury retrograde.

The time of miscommunications, and general what-the-f*ckness.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

Every so often, one of our planets will go into this phase called retrograde.

By definition, retrograde means directed or moving backwards. So, simply put, a planet in retrograde is moving in the opposite direction, against its natural orbit.

So far this year, we’ve had two Mercury retrogrades. However, this week, we will be beginning our third and final Mercury retrograde of 2018.

The retrograde will begin on November 17, and end on December 6.

Here’s how to thrive during our final Mercury retrograde.

Mercury in retrograde is particularly famous for being, well, a lot. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of. This time is what you make of it. Make it well spent.

This retrograde is not as blatant as it seems. If you’re looking to pull back some layers on yourself, now may be a good time to do so. Knowing your conscious and subconscious is crucial.

Now, some may say that this is an uncontrollable, perplexing period. But if you pay close attention, and study your own behaviors, you’ll find that it can be surprising and thought-provoking instead. Use the power of words and presentation to your advantage.

How you think matters.

Avoid thought patterns that send you down a rabbit-hole. For the next three weeks, you want to stay as focused as one can. Although this may sound contradicting to my “do some soul searching” sentiment, you’ve got to keep your place. I’d say “know your place,” but that’s a bit derogatory.

You know how in TV shows, explorers tie a rope to a tree before going into the big, scary cavern? Think of yourself as the explorer, the tree as your place, and the cavern as your inner-self. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in patterns of self-pity and depreciation. Always have a place to can return to if need be.

My final piece of advice for this retrograde is to find the good. If you go through these three weeks having a “this is dumb” attitude, everything is going to be dumb. Holding onto a positive attitude and a bit of optimism will make a difference.

Recap: Learn from yourself, monitor your perspective, keep your place, and find the good.

Good luck!

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